Mediation Training

In 1988, the Michigan Legislature established the Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) to promote non-court alternatives for resolving disputes The program provides grants to organizations that offer mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. SEDRS is one of twenty-four centers funded by the CDRP

About Our Training

Our mediator training is a dynamic, interactive program. More than just lecture, it offers participants the opportunity to study and experience new methods for achieving resolution. The training includes learning practical skills, employing immediate “Hands-on” experience when applying the principles of successful mediation.

This course is a 40-hour committment, followed by 10 hours of observation and then two observed solo mediations. The 40 hours is spread over six days, with four six-hour days and two full eight-hour days.

Course Content

  • History. The theory and history of Dispute Resolution in America.
  • Conflict. The causes of, and responses to, conflict; conflict management style; self-assessment.
  • Communication Skills. Listening, gathering information, reframing skills, noting barriers to good communication, and aware of biases.
  • Negotiation Skills. Positions vs. Interest, separating people from problems, strategy and tactics of bargaining, identifying options.
  • Mediation Process. Opening statements, joint sessions, problem solving, caucuses, agreement writing, and closing statements.
  • Mediation Skills. Neutrality, troubleshooting, building trust, integrating negotiating and communication skills.
  • Legal Issues. Confidentiality, lawyers’ roles in mediation, overviews of the legal system, and enforceability of mediated agreements.


For applicants, the desire to improve one’s ability to manage and resolve conflicts is paramount. Educational and professional requirements are not necessary. We encourage people from a variety of backgrounds to participate. Diverse perspectives and backgrounds can only enhance the training experience.

Applicants must be willing to commit to attending each training session and completing ten hours of observation.

Additionally, applicants who seek to volunteer for SEDRS must also commit to:

  • Completing 25 hours of co-mediation
  • Signing a confidentiality agreement
  • Consent to a background check
  • Following the ethical and business standards of the State Court Administrative Office and SEDRS

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