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MI-Resolve Online Mediation Program
This online mediation service created by the Michigan Supreme Court helps residents resolve disputes without going to court.

Online Mediation

Using Zoom to Conduct Online Mediation: Considerations and Resources for Community Dispute Resolution Program Centers
The Michigan State Court Administration Office’s Office of Dispute Resolution has released this guide to help mediators extend their skills in mediating with parties face-to-face to the online environment.

Michigan Court Livestreams

Transparency is fundamental to building and maintaining public trust in the judicial system. This is why Michigan courts have created an online portal to view public court proceedings virtually. Learn more about Court Livestreams

Informational Brochures & Articles

Request for Office of Dispute Resolution Online Publications
Office of Dispute Resolution – Mediation One-Page Flyer
State Bar of Michigan ADR Section ‘Mediation really Works!’ 2-Page Flyer
Behavior Health Mediation Services (rack card)
Mediation Winning Solutions (brochure)
Mediation Winning Solutions (Spanish brochure)
Michigan Dispute Resolution Journal (Winter 2019)
Individual Roles in Person-Center Planning
Article: “Restorative Practices in Hungary: An Ex-prisoner is Reintegrated into the Community”
A Handbook for Assessing and Maximizing Capacity in Elder Mediation
Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program


Peacebuilders & Pandemics: Thoughts from the Field; Summary of Global Town Halls and Practitioner Surveys
Child Protection Mediation (Michigan) – Final Report 2019