Training Seminars

SEDRS provides mediation training in a number of specialties. Training seminars include:

General Mediation Training

General Civil Mediation Training (40 hours)
$100.00 for Volunteers; $600.00 for professional development
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Non Verbal Communication Seminar (8 hours)
$600.00 per 12 participants
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Crisis Prevention Institute Training

CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training (12-14 hours)
Cost of training will vary based on selections.
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Elder Care Mediation Training

Elder Law Mediation Seminar (4 hours)
$30.00 for volunteers; $300.00 for professional development

Permanency Planning Training

CPS/Permanency Planning Mediation Program
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Peace Circle & Restorative Practices Training

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Condensed Peace Circle and Restorative Practices Overview (2 hours)
$300.00 per 12 participants (1 Trainer per 12 participants)

Peace Circle Facilitator Training (8 hours)
$800.00 per 12 participants (can be separated into two 4 hour sessions)

Basic Restorative Practices and Introduction to Circles (16 hours)
$1750 per IIRC-licensed trainer

Restorative Justice Conferencing Seminar (16 hours)
$1750.00 per IIRC-licensed trainer, max 12 participants

Peace Circle Facilitator Train the Trainer (12 hours)
$1200 max 20 participants (can be separated into multiple sessions)

Peer to Peer Mediation Training (16 hours)
$1200.00 per 12 participants

*Please note that all SEDRS trainings to include additional variable material/travel expenses.

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Mediation Training Resources

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Michigan Mediator Training Standards and Procedures

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