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MI-Resolve Online Mediation Program
This online mediation service created by the Michigan Supreme Court helps residents resolve disputes without going to court.

Informational Brochures & Articles

Request for Office of Dispute Resolution Online Publications
Office of Dispute Resolution – Mediation One-Page Flyer
State Bar of Michigan ADR Section ‘Mediation really Works!’ 2-Page Flyer
Mediation Winning Solutions (brochure)
Mediation Winning Solutions (Spanish brochure)
Michigan Dispute Resolution Journal (Winter 2019)
Individual Roles in Person-Center Planning
Article: “Restorative Practices in Hungary: An Ex-prisoner is Reintegrated into the Community”
A Handbook for Assessing and Maximixing Capacity in Elder Mediations


Peacebuilders & Pandemics: Thoughts from the Field; Summary of Global Town Halls and Practitioner Surveys
Child Protection Mediation (Michigan) – Final Report 2019